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    How do I clean and care for jewelry?
    Every piece from this collection is crafted by hand, using the finest materials available, and is meant to be worn for generations. In order to retain its beauty and insure long wear, we suggest the following care instructions:

    • Natural skin oils, makeup, soap, and dust can dull the luster of the jewelry. To keep your jewelry sparkling, clean with a soft cloth moistened with water or a glass cleaning solution.
    • Do not use electronic jewelry cleaner.
    • Perfume or hair sprays should not be applied while wearing your jewelry- they can permanently harm the finish.
    • When storing your jewelry, or during travel, protect your pieces by keeping them in individual pouches.

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    How long does it take to have my jewelry repaired?
    All Nadri products should be returned to the place of purchase. Each retailer will have their own repair time. Generally most repairs take 8-12 weeks.

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    How do I order new product from Nadri?
    Please refer to our website. Our website will have a store locator feature. Most of our retail partners are online and have included Nadri in their assortments.

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    Does a Nadri Catalogue exist?
    We are often featured in our retail partners' catalogues. At this time we do not have our own jewelry catalogue.