was established in 1984 in KOREA by Founder & CEO Young Tae MacGyver Choi and is a global provider of beautiful high quality fashion and bridge jewelry. In 1997, Mr. Choi decided to move to our new international headquarters in New York City metropolis, where we currently reside.

The vision and focus is to create beautiful jewelry while paying close attention to detail and perfection giving our consumers the best design and quality available in the industry. brands are consistently recognized for having the highest level of quality in our channel of business. We strive to give more value than the actual price reflects.

owned brands include NADRI, ADRIANA ORSINI, Eliot Danori, AVA NADRI, LORA PAOLO, The Jewelry Collection by NADRI, and Napoli.

Our Company is 100% vertical in managing the sales, marketing, and the design process. The unique feature of is that we own our manufacturing facilities. follows the standard of fine jewelry production and uses only the best possible valued materials and components in every process and step of production. We take pride in our work and in the end product. Precious metals are utilized in our plating and include 18K, Rhodium, and Sterling Silver.

continues to grow yearly by building a solid and reliable consumer following who recognize and appreciate the value and quality of the products. We are recognized throughout the USA as a leader in the fashion and bridge jewelry business.